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Karla is the princess of the clouds, and she likes everything bright and luxurious! Grace, lightness and tenderness in Karla's adventures are those things what makes you smile and your heart to rejoice! Karla dreams about royal heaven balls and unforgettable festive moments. Karla is next to you in all your festivities, christenings, baby showers, weddings and birthdays. Karla comes to you with light thoughts and each Karla’s gift consists of the crumble of clouds and joy!


 The mission of “Karla” is to create pleasant feelings, comfort and also joy for children and their parents! Joy to present, joy to receive and joy to wear!

“Karla” brand customers are those people who appreciate the quality, comfort, beauty and laconic design. These are the people who believe that it is important to create a vision of values for children from their first day and steps.  Karla's customers feel the pleasures of life, they see beauty in details and are happy to joy themselves and the once they love.

To please babies and children, as well as their parents and friends, Karla offers accessories which are made in Latvia. These accessories includes hand-made work, quality, love and inspiration made by children. The accessories are crocheted and knitted from merino wool, treated with artificial fur, lace and pearls.

"Karla" is a family-owned company founded in 2014, in Riga, Latvia. The brand founder and creator is Jeļena Blate -Deksne.

"Karla" brand was born as my desire to put the warmest feelings in to the physical material during the baby's waiting. This is the way how I made first "Karla" boots. They were fluffy, light and soft like clouds, so that is the reason why "Karla" was named as a girl from the clouds who carry this feeling to others.

The newborn baby is like a wonder, chaste, bright and unique, which makes adults to get better. That is why Karla's products stand out in laconic design, pure colors and strong individuality, using materials such as fur, lace and pearl.


The brand is growing up and developing purposefully with children. It rejoice and allows you to dress Karla’s handmades in the most sincere feelings and wishes, and present them at the baby showers, to the newborns and other special, joyful moments when we want to express our love.


By creating something, you put it through yourself - your soul.
With love,