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Are you dreaming of exquisite and delicate atmosphere around you?

Do you forget about your own femininity with the rhythm of life? Imagine that the feeling that you are already on vacation can be created at any time.

Welcome to Karla, the brand that will help you change everything!
You will learn to feel the pleasure of each day again.

Karla are the author's handmade items inspired by female sexuality, created in Latvia. These are the softest sets for sleep. The silk mask and pillowcase will take care of your skin, the elastic hair tie will save your hair from electrolysation. These are interior candles with aroma and rose petals, creating a unique atmosphere. 
All this 
will help you to stop and relieve the tension accumulated during the day, even if you are far from home.

With Karla, even after a hard day’s work, you will feel like the most beautiful creature in the world.

Karla is your little secret that you will enjoy throughout your life. 

Follow the passion with Karla! 

​For those who want to instill in their baby a sense of style and comfort from the very first days of life, we have created a special collection of Karla Baby Knitwear.

Karla can not forget about the most important thing in the life of every woman - about children.

Especially for kids, things and accessories from natural materials have been created that will remain in your heart forever.

Hand-knitted sets for newborns, bonnets with natural fur trim, created with love under unique design, will not leave anyone indifferent.
Surround your baby with tenderness and beauty with Karla!

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